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Blackberry Bruschetta with a Syrah Wine Pairing

As a Sommelier, I love sharing simple, but stunning food and wine pairings. This time of year we are going to hit the high notes with my offering to you, dear reader.

Blackberry Bruschetta with a Syrah Wine Pairing

In fact, it’s so easy you don’t even need a recipe!

Here’s the ingredients to grab:

  • Blackberries, washed Note: 1 quart will serve 3 people with 2 pieces of bruschetta each
  • 1 batard or baguette-type bread of your choice
  • spreadable cheese – we used Boursin balsamic and fig flavour, any spreadable cheese of your liking will do.
  • mint
  • fresh cracked black pepper
  • honey
  • Syrah wine (more info to follow…)

Slice and Toast your slices of bread – in a toaster or under the broiler

Coarsely, chop the blackberries.

Finely, chop the mint leaves.

Spread some cheese on your bread slices.

Top with blackberries.

From a height of about 1 foot sprinkle with freshly ground black pepper.

Drizzle with honey.

Eat and enjoy.  Don’t forget that glass of wine!

Blackberry Bruschetta with a Syrah Wine Pairing

Let’s now talk about wine.

I’ve chosen Syrah to pair with this wonderful nibble of food because nothing highlights the subtle nuances of the dish like the Syrah grape variety.

I like subtle, way more than hit you in the face pairings, and I’m guaranteeing you will too.

Taking our time to savour and enjoy is surely a gift from heaven and the simplicity of this pairing will be sure to have you smiling in awe.

Blackberry Bruschetta with a Syrah Wine Pairing

I want to have you experience the romance of this pairing and not bore you with a wine lesson, so when you go shopping for your wine all you have to do is remember the following 4 easy tips.

  • Ask for a Syrah (grape variety) from France or go directly to that section.  Pronounced ‘Si Ra’.
  • Sometimes you may not see the grape variety on the bottle like this example, but the words Cotes du Rhone or Roussillion (as seen in the photo below) . Grab one of those.
  • Don’t get too caught up in choices, just pick the first one you see.  We’ve tried almost every one that’s available and they are all great choices.  We can go deeper, of course if you want more ideas.
  • You also may like to try a blended wine called Grenache Syrah Mourvèdre or GSM for short.  I strongly recommend staying with the Country of France for this pairing, even though there are great examples from Australia.  I’ll explain why: the signature characteristic of French wines are their understated flavours.  Typically, French Syrah has fruity flavours of blackberry or blueberry.  A floral aroma of violets and a spicy finish of black pepper.  See where we are going here?  Same ingredients as your ‘recipe’.  Wines from the Southern Hemisphere sometimes lack an acidity that blends food and wine together.  They are less subtle and can ‘hit you in the face’ (mostly from the higher alcohol content) and will compete with the delicate taste of the food.

Blackberry Bruschetta with a Syrah Wine Pairing

Lastly, I just want to say that many of us want rules to follow.  Wine doesn’t really work that way, neither does life.  There is always an exception.

Let’s go for exceptional here ok?  We hope this food and wine pairing will be so easy and enjoyable that you will make it a habit.

Cheers to you and all that life has to offer!

Yours, in love and wine.