Sitting outside in front of a roaring fire with a scotch in hand, Dave and I were talking, and he said something so shocking to me… (he does this ALL the time, btw).

Fireside Story

He said, “I’m kind of jealous of the way you make everything beautiful around you – especially with your writing.”

Fireside Story

Literally, my mouth fell open.

If you really know me, being short on words isn’t something that happens very often.

Once I gathered myself together from the shock and took a stiff drink, I admitted that I’m actually full-on jealous of him. Dave can create so many beautiful pieces of furniture from reclaimed stuff. And effortlessly!

This guy actually says he wakes up in the morning with at least 7 ideas in his mind.

Fireside Story

I can’t even adult until 11:24, with all the credit going to mega doses of coffee!

Since I’m the writer lady, I wanted to highlight this beautiful piece that Dave made one afternoon.

This gorgeous vintage window was painted to give it a subtle pop of colour, then it was mirror glazed, and placed on a thrifted easel.

Fireside Story

It honestly looks like something out of a Dickensian Christmas movie set. Can’t you picture it with a sprig of variegated holly, Victorian Holiday cards, and a garland of cranberries?  All details can be found by following this link.  Victorian Mirrored Vintage Window Easel

Sealed with Miss Havisham’s stamp of approval.

Fireside Story