When people find out I’m a Sommelier I usually get asked one of two questions.  If the question asker is in the Food & Wine industry it is ‘Where do you work?’

Question asker #2 usually says, “What is your favorite wine?”  I could talk for days about my favorite wine(s), but  after 18 years in the industry I have figured out that since I don’t want to hear or read about what other people are drinking THEN that question is the ice-breaker for the real question – “Tell me what to buy, I’m so confused.”

So I’ve found a legit way to use my many talents and figured out that if there ever was a time for me to reveal my wine superpowers to you, it would be now.

In the past, I’ve shied away from this kind of direct writing but TODAY I am going to come right out and tell you the ONE & ONLY wine you need to buy for Valentine’s Day.  No matter you situation, this post is for YOU!

Pairing Wine with Middle Eastern Cuisine 2.0

Last week, I spent a Tuesday evening with 1/2 dozen close lady friends and we were talking about Food & Wine as we always do.  I decided to pipe up and said,

I’ve got the ONE wine everyone needs for Valentine’s Day.

Mouths dropped open, the conversation ceased.  Next, phones and pieces of paper were out and all eyes were on me.

The same thing happened at a restaurant a couple of days ago when I was chatting with the couple seated beside us.

Valentine’s Day is the most over-hyped, over-marketed gimmicky day in the world; especially at the Liquor Store.

I enjoy long romantic walks…just like anyone else.  Except, mine are down the Wine Aisle.  When I see row upon row and bottle after bottle of wine.  Do you want to know what I do?  I walk right on by about 95% of them.

Here’s what I buy.  It’s my love potion.

For other info check here http://www.chateauneuf.dk/plandedieu/en/plaen8.htm

To find this wine and others like it,  All you need to do is pull up the website of your local wine establishment and search for these 3 words.

Cotes du Rhone

Here is a screenshot from where I live


This is only a FRACTION of the selection available to you.  The best part is that the prices range from $10 per bottle right up to $20 plus.  These wines are the best value for money you can find, so that $12 bottle is a steal.

Actually the price is the second best part.  The first:  is that these red wines go with EVERYTHING.  Yup, great just to sip, great with food and the ultimate pairing – CHOCOLATE.  Seriously, Cotes du Rhone wines go with just about anyone and everything.  It even comes in a white version for you ‘I only drink white wine’ people.

If you need any help, at all.  Let me know.  I get the greatest kick out of helping someone go wine shopping.  Let’s laugh, sigh, exchange recipes and keep falling in love with wine.