The Essentials of Wine | Taste & Structure Course

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Join Sommelier Kellie for a series of exercises that will demonstrate the complex tastes and textures in a wine.  We will discover, compare, consider, and reveal the basic structure and balance of all the elements in a white wine.

We will lay a solid fountain to enhance your enjoyment of wine.

All material and wine will be included in this class.

Classes will be held on site at Wallace River Revival at 2241 North Wallace Road.  Or at a location chosen by participants.  Contact us today to discuss dates and times that suit you and/or your group.

Other classes in the series include “How To Love The White Wine You Are With” and “How To Love The Red Wine You Are With”

More options are on the way.  Pricing may vary depending on groups/requests.  Subject to change and availability.

1 review for The Essentials of Wine | Taste & Structure Course

  1. Gail Pilgrim

    My husband and I joined Kellie for this interesting, informative, and delightful course. We not only learned many things about wine that we didn’t know, we learned what we like and why and can make better choices when buying new wines. We also paired the wines with many of Kellie’s marvellous recipes making each session an event.

    • admin (store manager)

      It was so much fun seeing you two discover all the tips and learning more about what you like. It was such a pleasure watching you share with your friends. The excitement you had about pairing food & wine really inspired me. Thank you both for taking the course. A+

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